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YouTube Channel Review

Do your kids love animals? Are they interested in science? Have they wondered how things work? If so, then chances are they’ve stumbled upon National Geographic Kids. This YouTube channel, started back in 2014, is National Geographic’s attempt to reach children and get them hooked on learning with high-quality videos that are both wacky and wild.

Parents will find a ton of educational content here. And, for the sake of easy searching, videos are divided into content categories. There’s Science Camp and Explorer Academy, where astronomers, biologists and other scientists walk kids through the wonders of scientific discovery. The Truth Behind and Weird But True focus on various inventions and how they operate. Best Job Ever gives kids a glimpse into cool jobs like animal photography, diving and mountain trekking. Destination World teaches children about specific places on the map, such as Asia or Africa, and Things You Wanna Know dives into frequently asked questions.

Positive Content

This channel challenges kids to think about the things that they come into contact with on a daily basis and to ask thoughtful questions. Kids can learn a lot about science, space, molecules, dinosaurs, mammals, underwater exploration and other fun topics. (It’s possible the channel may talk about evolution, but we didn’t see any evidence of that in the episodes we reviewed.)

Content Concerns

Some stunts can be a bit scary, like climbing life-threatening glaciers or encountering deadly animals.

Channel Summary

National Geographic Kids presents a channel where children are introduced to a love of learning. Science, astronomy, biology, history and a love for creation shine bright as experts break down the wonders of planet Earth.

Kristin Smith

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