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Sarah Rasmussen

YouTube Channel Review

When it comes to typical YouTube content, you probably know what to expect: challenge videos, friendly banter, vlogs. The list goes on.

British influencer Harry Pinero fits neatly into this quintessential description of a YouTube creator.

Through a combination of vlog and game formats, Harry shares his passion for travel, soccer and friends. In one video, Harry documents his luxurious travels to Qatar. In longer format videos titled, “The Inside Scoop,” Harry discusses soccer players and shares updates about the sport. And several videos feature Harry attempting internet challenges with his friends.

Harry also has a significant social media presence on Instagram, and he occasionally streams video game content on Twitch.

Whether he’s roaming the streets of Oxford or riding Mario Kart-themed go-karts, Harry’s upbeat personality enlivens his experiences and engages his internet audience.


What is YouTube if not a place for viewers to experience vicarious adventures? In several of his vlog videos, viewers can virtually accompany Harry on his luxurious travels. Some videos include inside looks at fancy, first-class flights, VIP experiences and extravagant hotel rooms—making for interesting (though potentially envy-inducing) viewing.

Segments of Harry’s videos also include positive messages about healthy lifestyle choices, and one video is dedicated to Harry’s efforts for a soccer-related charity organization. In one YouTube Shorts video, Harry discusses how he overcame a gambling addiction.

Harry also displays generally positive relationships with his friends. He talks to them about his love for his son, and the friends seem to support one another.


While Harry’s friendships do seem genuine, many of their conversations involve digs at one another. While these jabs are done in jest, parents may not want their young kids to emulate such banter. Additionally, some of Harry’s jokes rely on crude humor. For example, in one video, someone offhandedly mentions a dangerous drug, and later someone crudely discusses flatulence. In some of his shorter videos, Harry’s content includes sexual references and innuendos.  

Men sometimes vlog shirtless in videos.  Harry and his friends occasionally talk about alcohol.

But the primary concern in Harry’s content is profanity. Videos include the f-word, s-word and n-word, and these profanities usually remain uncensored. Videos also include “d–n,” “h—,” “b–tard” and misuses of God’s name.

While it doesn’t come up often, Harry is Muslim, and he occasionally discusses his faith on the channel. In one video, Harry exclaims, “All glory to Allah,” before he plays a soccer game. And in another video, he mentions his Umrah—a ceremonial pilgrimage to Mecca.


Anyone who spends time on YouTube will find Harry’s formats familiar. His reaction videos, guessing-game content and “try not to laugh” challenges aren’t exactly original ideas. Still, like many other successful YouTubers, Harry Pinero mixes his passions and personality with these dependable formats in a manner that resonates with thousands of viewers.

Unfortunately, Harry Pinera’s otherwise tame content includes frequent uncensored profanity and occasional crude or sexual jokes.

Sarah Rasmussen

Sarah Rasmussen is the Plugged In intern for Summer 2023.