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Sarah Rasmussen

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The Bible isn’t just a book about grown-ups.

Before David defeated nations, ruled Israel and wrote over 70 Psalms, he faithfully served God as a young shepherd boy.

Minno’s five-episode mini-series (that is, a series of short episodes), Young David, explores the early life of Israel’s famous king. In these five-minute episodes, the teenage shepherd tends to his flock and encourages himself with biblical principles.

Erick Goss, the CEO of Minno, told Hollywood Deadline,  “We want to invest in projects that tell excellent stories and spark important conversations, and Young David is one of those projects.”

While the specific stories depicted in the episodes are not found in Scripture, the exploration of what David might have been like as a child is filled with opportunities for these important conversations.  

Occasionally, Young David contains moments of peril, which might frighten younger viewers. In one episode, for instance, a dangerous predator threatens to attack both David and his sheep. Still, Young David provides generally family-friendly content.  

Episode Reviews

Nov. 10, 2023 – S1, Ep1: “Warrior”

While tending to his sheep, David faces a dangerous interloper.

When the predator challenges David’s flock, a tense chase scene ensues. David throws rocks and hits things with sticks. At some points, both David and the sheep are at risk of being hurt.

David continually quotes Scripture and shares biblical principles. For example, he reminds himself to “be strong and courageous.”

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Sarah Rasmussen

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