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Royal Moroi vampire Lissa Dragomir wants just one thing after graduation: To let loose and start a new life away from her private school, St. Vladimir, with her best friend and guardian, Rose Hathaway. 

Or, at least, that was the plan. But plans change. Often, unexpectedly. 

After her brother, the king-to-be, and her parents die in a tragic car accident, the world looks much different. Lissa and Rose still want to escape life after graduation, but their duties to the vampiric world won’t allow it. 

Lissa has recently been named the future queen of the vampiric world, and Rose, well, her destiny as a Dhampir, a half-vampire half-human, has always been to protect the royals from their sworn enemy: the evil, blood-thirsty vampires called Strigoi. 

Now, Lissa must release all of her former dreams, step into her role as queen and shoulder centuries of political expectations. Rose must continue training as a Dhampir guardian while figuring out if there’s still a place for her in Lissa’s life. 

The two are like family, yes, but there’s no telling if this family will remain intact as political pressures heighten, centuries of established rules are challenged and evil vampires wait in hiding to destroy the peace of the vampiric world.  

No Two Vampires Are Alike 

Peacock’s Vampire Academy is based on the novels by New York Times bestselling author Richelle Mead. This TV-MA show explores a world where there are many different types of vampires who live in the same realm, all with different purposes. 

The royal Moroi vampires, like Lissa, have the responsibility of carrying on tradition and establishing political boundaries and rules. The Dhampir, half-human, half-vampires, are the protectors of the royals. And the Strigoi are a strain of evil vampires who live to kill. These creatures live in a delicate balance that is constantly in threat of being overturned. 

If you watch the trailer, you might be thinking that this series is for teens since Lissa and Rose are still teenagers who are in-training to enter the adult vampire world. But looks are deceiving as the content here is far beyond what is suitable for teenagers. 

In the very first episode, a man and woman have graphic sex, the f-word is used a shocking number of times and violence is quite prevalent. Magic is called upon and cultivated, and these soon-to-be adults have free rein, it seems, to sleep with whomever they so choose, whenever they want. 

This fictional world may have a few messages about bravery and honor, but that’s not enough to redeem a series that seems bent on following its own unbridled passions.

Episode Reviews

Sep. 15, 2022–S1, Ep1 “Pilot”

Vampire Lissa Dragomir attempts to move on and deal with new responsibilities after her family tragically dies in a car accident; Dhampir Rose Hathaway vows to protect Lissa at all costs, even at her own expense. 

An engaged man sneaks off to have sex with a woman (we see thrusting motions, his entire bare backside and hear sounds). 

Vampires are required to attend “feeding stations” where they suck the blood of those lying in chairs. It’s meant to be purely ritualistic and necessary for life, but it is oddly sensual. 

A group of evil vampires known as Strigoi attempt to kill Lissa and Rose, jumping on them and nearly puncturing their throats with their teeth; other Strigoi are stabbed and killed while one is burned. Rose trains with a group of students in hand-to-hand combat. A group of vampires are killed in a tragic car crash. 

A man wonders where people go when they die. A group of vampires perform magic. Lissa suffers a panic attack. 

The f-word is used nearly 10 times, the s-word is heard twice and “h—” is uttered once. At a royal celebration, men and women alike consume champagne and wine with added drops of blood and smoke. 

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