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Emily Clark

TV Series Review

Like father, like son.

So the saying goes, but in Scott Turner Jr.’s case, it appears to be true. Turner is exactly like his old man. He likes things to be neat and clean, works in law enforcement and focuses on his job more than his relationships.

And just like the 1980s classic (starring Tom Hanks as Scott Turner, Sr.), Turner’s life gets flipped completely upside down when a French Mastiff gets dropped off at his front door.

Dog Eat Dog Eat Car Seats Eat Furniture Eat Everything

Monikered “Hooch” by Turner’s recently deceased father, the Dogue de Bordeaux causes mayhem wherever he goes.

By the end of his first night in Turner’s apartment, Hooch manages to knock over the kitchen table, turn over every container in Turner’s pantry, rip up pillows and furniture and destroy Roomie (Turner’s beloved Roomba vacuum cleaner).

But the dog changes Turner’s life.

As his dad put it in a letter he wrote before he died, “Everything I care about in my life started with a dog.”

Pretty soon, Turner learns that all he really has to do to get Hooch to behave is to have Hooch’s back and trust Hooch to have his in return. And before he knows it, he and Hooch become an official K-9 unit, catching bad guys, tracking down evidence and becoming best pals.

Man’s Best Friend

Much like the original Turner & Hooch, families can expect lots of physical comedy. Bad guys have rugs pulled out from beneath them, Hooch destroys every object he can get his maw on, and people sometimes get knocked down or dragged around by the beloved hound.

But also like the original film, sometimes things get a little hairier—er, furrier, I mean.

People get shot (and we see blood), some mild profanities make an appearance and there’s some discussions about romantic relationships.

But it focuses on the importance of family, doing the right thing and (as many dog-lovers will be pleased to hear) the special bond that can form between man and man’s best friend, making this a show that most families can enjoy.

Episode Reviews

Jul. 21, 2021: “Forever and a Dog”

In the midst of working a witness protection case, Scott Turner is gifted a dog per his recently deceased father’s request. Hooch, as the beast is called, has some behavioral issues, but he also helps Scott to crack the case.

Cops exchange gunfire with bad guys and we see a cop with a gunshot wound. (We later hear he is all right.) They also get into fist fights with the criminals and engage in a car chase (in which several civilian vehicles are damaged and flipped over). There are several explosions, though nobody is harmed. A criminal hits Turner’s head with a ceramic statue and he starts bleeding from the wound. The man then crashes through a shelving unit and jumps through a glass window in his attempt to escape. Turner flips the man over by pulling a rug out from under him. A man’s nose bleeds heavily. A dog tackles and bites a few people.

We see a man shirtless from the shoulders up. Turner tells Hooch to stop “making out” when the dog licks his face. While sleeping, Turner thinks a girl is kissing his ear (in reality, Hooch is licking his ear) and tells her that she’s “bad.”

Someone suggests naming a baby after a Hawaiian shark god. We hear about bank robberies, kidnapping and hacking cases. A man in witness protection is rude and indignant towards the officers protecting him. We hear about drunken men. Turner’s sister is divorced. We hear “h—” and “a–,” as well as a few misuses of God’s name.

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Emily Clark
Emily Clark

Emily studied film and writing when she was in college. And when she isn’t being way too competitive while playing board games, she enjoys food, sleep, and indulging in her “nerdom,” which is the collective fan cultures of everything she loves, such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

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