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Kristin Smith

TV Series Review

George and Harold are ready to take things up a notch … in space. After all, that’s where all the cool stuffis, like super-power blasts, weird cosmic aliens and enough adventures to fill up the galaxy.

Lucky for George and Harold, Space agency P.O.O.P.S.I.E. (Pequa Order of Professional Space Interplanetary Explorers) is offering one fortunate school—building and all—the chance to fly into space to help Dr. Shifty Fitzgibbons figure out “the effects of zero gravity on learning.”

Principal Krupp is completely stoked when his school, Jerome Horwitz Elementary, is chosen to blast off into space. Unfortunately, he’ll be competing with his high school rival, Moxie Swaggerman, who just so happens to be guiding the entire school-turned-spaceship into the cosmos as the leading astronaut.   

Now, the only thing George and Harold will have to do is help keep their vengeful principal in good standing with Moxie Swaggerman with the help of Captain Underpants as they learn how to navigate a new galaxy with a profusion of mysteries and zero gravity.

All Things Space

While plenty has changed in the saga of The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, this space-based season is no spinoff. It’s actually considered the fourth season of this well-known kids show.  Resting on Netflix, this TV-Y7 series contains 6 episodes and, in terms of the problematic issues that parents can expect, it is very much like previous seasons. Parents can expect fun moments for kids as the show encourages the use of one’s imagination. But they should also know they’ll run into unwanted attitudes, toilet humor galore and a plethora of pranks in this space themed continuation.

Episode Reviews

July 10, 2020, Episode 1: “Captain Underpants and the Senseless Torment of the Space Toilet”

George and Harold, along with Principal Krupp, fellow classmates and astronaut Moxie Swaggerman, head to space for an adventure, but find they must first fight off a toilet monster.

Captain Underpants battles the monster with punches and kicks. Principal Krupp jumps out of a moving ambulance and causes a car wreck. One car catches fire. Space rangers shoot aliens with lasers. Principal Krupp is Tazed and passes out.

Principal Krupp walks around with a toilet attached to his covered bottom. Toilet humor in many forms is heard throughout the entirety of the episode. Students vomit from motion sickness.

Principal Krupp recalls a time he wore a dress for a pageant and lost. One student meditates during a space training session. Students are called “egg heads” and the Netflix show itself is called “stupid.” Principal Krupp tells a friend that he hates her.

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Kristin Smith

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