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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … *There lived a whole bunch of Jedi and creatures and battleships. And they all lived inside of this known universe called *Star Wars.

And boy, is that universe full. Disney alone has already made four animated series, and now they've just released their fifth: Star Wars Resistance.

To give you an idea as to where Resistance lies within the Star Wars universe, the show opens somewhere before The Force Awakens. Kazuda Xiono, also known as Kaz, is a young, former pilot recruited by Commander Poe Dameron (of the Resistance) and sent to Castellon, an ocean planet, to spy on the ever-growing First Order.

Kaz, naturally, has to be sneaky; he wouldn't want anyone finding out his true identity. So he poses as a racing pilot at the fueling station and raceway, Colossus, where his only task is to extract information—and meet people along the way. But he's going to need help because he's a far better racer than spy.

His help? A group of people known as Team Fireball. Each member of the team befriends Kaz (sometimes hesitantly) and helps him become a better man and a better racer. First, there's Yeager, a wise pilot-turned-mechanic who runs the repair shop where Kaz works undercover and offers Kaz mentorship. Then there's Tam, a feisty female former racer who works with Yeager. We also meet Neeku, a super-positive Nikto who truly believes in Kaz's desire to be the best pilot around. And though she's not on the team, Tora is one of Kaz's big competitors—who's not afraid to help him perfect his craft.

In This Known Universe

Kaz gets to have some fun on Castellon, too: He races and jokes around, and he (and we) meet plenty of people who want to become better at their trade. But as with any big city, Castellon's citizens represent many different interests. Some like to gamble and bet on racers, others are aggressive and won't hesitate to throw miscreants over the side of the platform (or knock them around). And because racing is one of the main activities, viewers see dangerous stunts, explosions and fights (both on land and in the air).

We hear some galactic insults like "num-noid" and people sometimes call things "stupid." Tempers occasionally run high, but overall there are plenty of people with good hearts who are willing to help those in need.

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Voices of Christopher Sean as Kazuda Xiono; Lex Lang as Major Elrik Vonreg; Josh Brener as Neeku; Scott Lawrence as Jarek Yeager; Suzie McGrath as Tam Ryvora; Bobby Moynihan as Orka; Dee Bradley Baker as Glem; Fred Tatasciore as Bolza Grool; Greg Proops as Jak Sivrak; Jim Rash as Flix; Jonathan Lipow as Glitch; Tovah Feldshuh as Aunt Z; Myrna Velasco as Torra Doza






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Kristin Smith

We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well.