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Kennedy Unthank

TV Series Review

It’s the greatest story ever told—broken down into bite-sized chunks for kids.

Christian children’s streaming service Minno is bringing the book Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids to life in 4-to-5-minute animated episodes. Currently, the first four episodes recount not only the birth of Jesus but also how it fulfills God’s promises to Abraham. But with the animation pulling from 336 pages and 52 stories “intentionally designed to help families journey through the Bible in one year,” we suspect that there’s much more to come.

The Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids, created by VeggieTales’ Phil Vischer, aims to help children understand the gospel and other important truths, breaking down complex theological ideas into easy-to-understand lessons. This ideal is paralleled within Minno’s TV adaptation, in which we not only hear the Bible story itself, but we also learn about why the story and the surrounding context of it is important.

Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids will entertain children with its simple-yet-fun animation and its engaging storytelling. But most importantly, it’ll lay the groundwork to help you teach them the gospel.

Episode Reviews

S1, Ep1: “The Messenger”

The episode explains how God’s promises to Abraham ultimately find their fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

S1, Ep2: “Born In a Barn”

The episode discusses the birth of Jesus and how it relates to God’s promises to Abraham.

S1, Ep3: “Shepherds and Angels”

The episode recounts how the birth of Jesus was told to the most unlikely of people—shepherds.

S1, Ep4: “The Wise Men”

The episode tells of the visit of the three wise men and King Herod’s evil attempt to kill Jesus.

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