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Little Demon

Little Demon s1





Emily Tsiao

TV Series Review

Imagine learning you’re the Antichrist.

Chrissy thought the reason her mom had moved them around so much over the years was because of work. Nope.

Turns out her mom, Laura, had sex with Satan 13 years ago. But instead of killing Satan’s spawn, she decided to raise her—because she was a girl. And she’s been on the lam trying to stay of the devil’s radar ever since.

Only now that Chrissy has shed blood (the moment she got her first period, she lost control of her demonic powers and murdered two bullies), Satan can find his daughter anywhere.

To make matters worse, Chrissy is furious when she realizes her mom lied. So furious that she agrees to meet her dad and get to know him.

Satan wants to use Chrissy in his nefarious schemes. Laura just wants her daughter back. But if they want to keep Chrissy safe, they’ll have to work together since there’s a church-hired bounty hunter who’s made it his life mission to slay the Antichrist.


This show is terrible. It just is.

Animated blood and gore, full-frontal nudity, extreme language and just about every dumb joke or occult spiritual practice referencing Satan and/or the Antichrist (not to mention assassins who dress like monks and work for the Pope) bombard screens the entire length of each episode.

Don’t get me wrong, I never expected a show about the Antichrist to be good. I just didn’t expect it to be so anti-good. (And if my series summary here doesn’t convince you, the episode review that follows will hopefully get the job done. But be warned: This show is worthy of its TV-MA rating, right down to the last possessed pixel.)

Episode Reviews

Aug. 25, 2022 – S1, Ep1: “First Blood”

When Chrissy uses her powers, her eyes turn black. She sets things on fire, shatters glass, makes bullies explode and opens a cosmic rift in the sky that sucks dozens of people into it. We see multiple demonic beings throughout the episode.

Satan possesses the dead body of a chicken (and it’s implied he was possessing a cadaver when he and Laura conceived Chrissy). He uses a form of mind control to force people to shoot themselves in the genitals with guns. And he says his home isn’t hell but the “metaphysical realm.” He plans to join with Chrissy to fold all the realms together into one powerful, lawless, cosmic universe, which they will rule together.

Laura identifies as a Wiccan. She removes all her clothes (and we see everything) to perform a ritual that will allow her to enter the metaphysical realm to rescue Chrissy. (She hides magical weapons in her exposed orifices so the items will travel with her.) She uses bones, potions, archaic languages and even the runic tattoos on her body to cast spells and vanquish demons.

A bounty hunter who was previously hired by the Pope says it’s his destiny to kill the Antichrist. (His office is decorated with many religious artifacts.) He pairs up with other assassins, and they attack Chrissy at a party while wearing monk robes. And he takes delight in his attempted assassination of her.

There’s a lot of crude talk about sex, including references to bestiality. We see dozens of unclothed bodies floating around the metaphysical realm. One of these is a female exotic dancing demon. Laura gets graphic about her daughter’s naturally developing body parts. (And a bully calls Chrissy “Bloody Mary” when she gets her period at school.) Someone makes a sexually graphic hand gesture. We hear that a man cheated on his wife. A clueless teen boy states that girls don’t have bowel movements. Several demons urinate on the corpse of their overseer.

When Laura gives birth, it appears the baby is trying to claw its way out of her womb. And she prepares to smash its head with a magical hammer, praying to Hephzibah (the wife of Hezekiah in 1 and 2 Kings) as she does so. But she stops when she realizes the baby is a girl. Later, Satan is similarly shocked to learn his offspring is a girl. But he quickly accepts it, declaring, “The future is female!”

I won’t go into the gory details, but many people die gruesome deaths on screen. Two bullies plan to upgrade their violence by switching from toilet swirlies to gutting their classmates with knives and posting it on social media. A woman smashes up her bathroom in anger. Chrissy is shocked to learn her mom is carrying a gun in their car’s glovebox. Laura tells Chrissy to assume everyone is a murderer unless proven otherwise. Laura nearly hits someone with her car. We see a kid put into a headlock.

People drink alcohol. (Satan asks if Laura is still an alcoholic.) Adults smoke cigars. Teens vape. Kids mock Chrissy and others at her school for being “nerds.” One boy says he hates nerds because his mom left his dad for one.

When Laura learns that Chrissy accidentally killed two boys at her school, she simply tells Chrissy to move on. Satan, unsurprisingly, glorifies the violence and tells Chrissy not to be burdened by the moral standards of others.

We hear 16 uses of the f-word, six uses of the s-word, 13 misuses of God’s name (four paired with “damn”) and one misuse of Christ’s. We also hear multiple uses of “a–,” “a–hole,” “b–ch,” “d–n,” “d–mit,” “d–k,” “h—,” “p-ss,” “slut” and “whore.”

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