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Emily Clark

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Eureka is a little girl growing up in a prehistoric world filled with woolly mammoths and dinosaurs. And the only thing she wants to do is make it a better place.

She’s always tinkering, dreaming, imagining and inventing awesome things to help the people and creatures around her. And no problem is too big to solve.

So whether she’s building a pulley system to help a mammoth get unstuck from a fallen tree, creating a self-sharpening pencil for her classmate or inventing the wheel, Eureka is constantly discovering and inventing new things.

Along the way, Eureka also learns some important lessons—such as how being different isn’t bad and that not everything needs to be new to be special.

And since there’s no egregious content for parents to worry about that we’ve seen yet, Eureka! (both the show and the girl) really does make the world—or, at least, the television world—a better place.

Episode Reviews

Jun. 22, 2022 – S1, Ep1: “Tusks, Trouble, and All/Absoflutely Fabulous”

Eureka faces unique challenges when she adopts a woolly mammoth as a pet. Then she tries to make a new friend at school by inventing new musical instruments.

People in Eureka’s village seem irritated with her constant tinkering. Eureka’s pet mammoth, Murphy, gets knocked around a bit by one of her inventions (though he’s unharmed). Murphy accidentally damages some property because of his large size.

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Emily Clark

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