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Some kids grow up on a dude ranch, riding horses and wrangling cattle. But siblings Jon, Min and Miguel live on a dino ranch, riding dinosaurs and wrangling…er, other dinosaurs.

Theirs may not be the most traditional of farms or families, but Ma and Pa have created a happy and loving home for their three adoptive youngsters and the multitude of domesticated dinos living on their land.


Each 12-minute episode has Jon, Min and Miguel going on a new adventure. And each adventure teaches something new, whether it’s how to be brave even when you’re scared or knowing when it’s OK to ask for help.

Parents worried about big and scary dinosaurs won’t find that here. Wild dinosaurs are fierce, sure. But they don’t cause trouble for the ranchers. And even the grumpiest dino, a triceratops named Angus, is easily placated with turnips.

However, Disney’s LGBT agenda sometimes comes through. The ranchers help two “dino daddies” adopt an egg in the first season, and we see these male tyrannosaurus rexes nuzzling each other.

So while Dino Ranch has positive messages and friendly dinosaurs, Dino Ranch it may not be as family-friendly as parents might hope.

Episode Reviews

Mar. 4, 2022 – S1, Ep24: “Storm-A-Lert/Adoptasaurus Rex”

When a big storm hits the ranch, Miguel learns about the importance of prioritizing tasks. Then, the dino ranchers help two male tyrannosaurus rexes adopt an egg together.

Miguel neglects to complete an important task properly, resulting in near disaster for the ranch. However, his parents and siblings help him clean up his mess and secure the dinosaurs before the storm gets too bad.

Min, Miguel and Jon realize that two T. rexes have been trying to find an egg of their own and set out to deliver an egg that needs a good home. We see the T. rexes (which are both male) nuzzle each other, and the ranchers call them “dino daddies.”

Jan. 18, 2021 – S1, Ep1: “Big Jon Big Trouble”

When the Dino Ranch gets a new dinosaur that likes to literally bop heads with other dinos, the ranchers have to teach him how to behave so he won’t upset the other animals.

Angus gets angry when he’s woken up from his naps twice. He storms through the farm, knocking down everything in his path (though the ranchers are able to calm him down and restore the property later).

Someone tells a fib.

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