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Kennedy Unthank

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Wonderland is calling again. This time, however, it’s not hosting the Alice of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel. And it’s not quite as intense as its predecessor, either.

No, Wonderland is quite a bit nicer these days, and Alice’s great-granddaughter (also conveniently named Alice) has opened up her very own bakery. She’s a great baker, and all of her creations leave her friends amazed.

However, this is Wonderland, where everything is a little strange and everyone is a little mad. And if you recall the original adventure that Alice’s great grandmother had, it seems nearly every food and drink in the land caused her to grow or shrink. Likewise today: Even though Alice’s bakery treats are intricate and delicious, they also often cause strange things to happen.

But that’s Wonderland, and it’s a blast—that is, if you don’t mind things getting consistently curiouser and curiouser!

Six Impossible Things for Breakfast

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery takes viewers on a baking journey as Alice (the great-granddaughter of the original Alice) concocts tasty treats to surprise and warm the hearts of those around her. Of course, this motive doesn’t always go the way Alice hopes it does. That’s usually because the enchanted ingredients of Wonderland often cause her creations to be preceded by crazy antic hors d’oeuvres—and they don’t always sit well in the stomach.

But in a world in which pineapple upside-down powder causes your cakes to float, and one where butter flies, that’s to be expected. It’s also why Alice and her friends are always ready to overcome the problems they encounter as a result. Through their teamwork and dedication, they’ll save the day, solve any problem and earn a tasty treat by the end of the episode. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of this TV-Y show is the catchy musical numbers that dot its runtime.

Everyone’s favorite and least favorite Wonderland characters make prominent appearances in this show—including the Hatter, Fergie the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat and others. But instead of shooting out nonsensical quips and causing general confusion, each is more than willing to lend a hand in order to contribute to a wonderful meal and a lovely teatime.

And this time, everyone’s invited.

Episode Reviews

Mar. 18, 2022 – S1, Ep1: “Unforgettable Unbirthday/Picnic for One”

When Alice unintentionally ruins Princess Rosa’s birthday, she bakes an “unbirthday cake” to make up for it. When Cheshire Cat sees Alice planning a picnic with her friends, he struggles with the idea of dining with others.

Magical sprinkles cause Princess Rosa’s birthday cake to explode, showering guests in frosting and sprinkles. Various magical things occur due to the ingredients used in Alice’s concoctions. Very occasionally, characters exclaim things like “Buttercream!” or, “Oh poppet haberdasher, look!”

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