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Kristin Smith

TV Series Review

Ah. The wild. What wonderous things fly in the air, swim in the ocean and crawl about on land. If only we knew what they were thinking…

Enter Netflix’s original, Absurd! PLANET.

Original Oddities

Clocking in at 19 minutes an episode, this science based docu-series might seem as if it’s completely kid-friendly, what with it being available in Netflix’s kids’ section. But there’s more to this untamed show than meets the eye.

As viewers will likely learn about animals of all shapes and sizes, deep diving into the lives of some pretty crazy creatures, they’ll be exposed to, well, some very natural activities. Animals might mate. They might kill and eat other animals. Any nature-show vet knows that this can be part of the territory.

But the show’s young viewers will also hear some dialogue that isn’t found on National Geographic.

The narrator of this TV-PG-rated show, a female voice who calls herself Mother Nature, tells viewers all about the animals they’re watching. Including things like eating patterns and mating preferences, but with a touch of, um, flair.

It’s not uncommon for Mother Nature to claim that it is she who created all the creatures on the planet. Nor is it uncommon for God’s name to be misused and for curse words like “b–ch” and “s—” to get bleeped out. Also, toilet humor and crude jokes about sex, orgasms, genitalia, pedophilia, rape, incest, promiscuity, prostitution, cannibalism and violence are all present. So, while you don’t necessarily need to worry too much about what your children are watching, you will definitely want to tune in to what they’re hearing.

Episode Reviews

April 22, 2020, Episode 3: “Mate Expectations”

Mother Nature narrates the mating patterns and expectations of wild animals.

Sex is talked about a lot here, and viewers also witness animals of all sorts mating. Two monkeys are censored while mating. Comments and jokes about sex, pedophilia, rape, orgasms, infidelity, prostitution, incest, illegitimate children and affairs are often heard. Phrases like “swanky pad,” “talk dirty to me,” “horizontal tango” and “doing the nasty” are uttered.

A scorpion eats its mate after intercourse. A creature’s reproductive organs are ripped from its body after intercourse.

God’s name is misused once, and the word “idiot” heard a few times.

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Kristin Smith

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