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Connor Price & Bens "Spinnin"


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Kristin Smith

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Not many people can say that their working career began in elementary school, but Connor Price can. At the age of 6, Canadian-born Price started his acting career in the Academy Award Nominated movie, Cinderella Man. Since then, he’s been in many popular shows such as CSI: Vegas, Supernatural and Chicago Med

But Price is not just an actor. The 28-year-old is a family man, with a wife and children, who has launched a music career, too. An artist on the rise, Price is popular in part for experimenting with a variety of genres while focusing primarily on hip-hop. He’s also relatable and raps often of his family and his life. 

He has more than 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, over 4 million followers on TikTok, 1.48 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 million followers on Instagram. 

He’s clearly getting a lot of attention, and that’s the result of a lot of hard work–the sort of drive that he talks about in one of his newer releases, “Spinnin”. 

The song is a part of his “Spin the Globe” series which finds Price spinning an actual globe, placing his finger on a random location and then collaborating with an artist who lives in that country. In this case, it’s an artist from the Netherlands called Bens, and the two talk about just how much effort it takes to rise to the top. 


Connor lets listeners know that he’s defied odds (“They said that I couldn’t do it, so I went and/Did it/Ws only, you know I’ve been/Winnin’”), that his career has been hard earned (“Top of the world, the globe is/Spinnin’/If you know, you know, I’ve been on a/Mission’”) and that he refuses to let critics or doubtful voices deter him (“I don’t got time for the breaks and the pit stop/…I don’t ever bother wit’ a critic”). 

Neither Price nor Bens use any profanity in this song. 


On one level, you could argue that all of Price’s success is admirable. But you could also argue that he focuses so much on success and the money he and Bens have made that it can come across as bragging. (“Elon Musk, I’m tryna bankroll/New Tesla just ‘cause I say so.”)

Guest artist Bens talks about a beautiful woman being on his bed in his opening line (“On my bed and she bad but she totally nice”). 


It’s refreshing to listen to a hip hop artist who steers away from profanity in his music. And while this song can sound arrogant at times, it stays away from any truly problematic content, at least that’s true when compared with most of the music that’s topping today’s charts.

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