Hardball strikes out trying to depict the trials and inspirations of Chicago’s inner-city Near North Little League.

The Benchwarmers

John Heder, Rob Schneider and David Spade star in a sports movie that might just replace steroids as baseball’s greatest …

Major League Baseball 2K10

The grass is starting to green. The temps are beginning to rise as dandelion seeds long for a handy breeze. …

John Q

John Archibald lives between a rock and a hard place. And life looks like it can’t get worse—so of course …

Charlie St. Cloud

His nightly games of catch with his dead brother have turned Zac Efron into that “weird St. Cloud kid.” But …

Mr. 3000

A selfish major leaguer retires upon reaching a milestone, then returns to the batter’s box nine years later.

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

Jim Caviezel stars in this warm, thematically opulent biopic chronicling the rise of 1920s golf great Robert Tyre Jones Jr.

Million Dollar Arm

At least the flick does eventually find its way ’round all the right bases. It crosses home plate with a …

For Love of the Game

Detroit Tigers pitcher Billy Chapel is in the twilight of a fine career. Then, on an autumn day in New …

Sonic the Hedgehog

This big-screen take on Sega’s anthropomorphized cobalt cannonballer is mostly cute and cuddly.