Major League Baseball 2K10

The grass is starting to green. The temps are beginning to rise as dandelion seeds long for a handy breeze. …

Million Dollar Arm

At least the flick does eventually find its way ’round all the right bases. It crosses home plate with a …

John Q

John Archibald lives between a rock and a hard place. And life looks like it can’t get worse—so of course …

Sonic the Hedgehog

This big-screen take on Sega’s anthropomorphized cobalt cannonballer is mostly cute and cuddly.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers is a black comedy about rotten people doing rotten things to each other, all in the name of …

For Love of the Game

Detroit Tigers pitcher Billy Chapel is in the twilight of a fine career. Then, on an autumn day in New …

Cop Out

What father wouldn’t sell his ultra-valuable baseball card and take on a drug cartel to pay for his daughter’s über-expensive …

Parental Guidance

Plugged In is all about parental guidance. Hollywood typically isn’t. So we were pretty curious about what would happen onscreen …

Hearts in Atlantis

If Alfred Hitchcock was correct when he said that “style” is merely self-plagiarism, no one may have a better case …

Mr. 3000

A selfish major leaguer retires upon reaching a milestone, then returns to the batter’s box nine years later.