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A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

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Kristin Smith

Movie Review

Life is usually quiet in the town of Mossingham. Or, at least, it was, until one night a UFO crashes to the ground and turns everyone into frightened, space-crazed lunatics—everyone but Shaun the sheep and all his woolly friends who live on the outskirts of town on Mossy Bottom Farm.  

But things soon change. One day, Shaun is looking for food and minding his own business when he comes across discarded pieces of pizza (sheep like Italian, if you didn’t know), leading into the farm’s barn. He follows the trail to find a small, blue alien named Lu-La hiding behind a bale of hay.

Shaun and Lu-La become immediate friends. And Lu-La tells Shaun that’s she’s just trying to get back to her own planet to see her parents once again. Shaun is determined to help his new pal. But some people don’t want Lu-La to make a safe return. In fact, they’d rather do all they can to trap her on earth and prove, once and for all, that aliens do in fact exist.

Positive Elements

Shaun is kind to Lu-La and helps her out when others won’t. Shaun learns the hard way that rules are usually put into place for a reason: to keep people safe.

A few people, and animals, are received with kindness by the aliens, specifically a woman who waited her whole life to meet them.

Viewers learn lessons of teamwork, empathy and kindness.

Spiritual Elements

Lu-La possesses otherworldly powers, controlling objects with, apparently, her ears.  

Sexual Content

A male farm owner walks around in his shirt and underwear.

A self-operated brush scrubs a dog’s bottom clean. This same dog is suspected of being an alien, and he’s shown multiple pictures to identify he isn’t. Those pictures include one of a naked man and woman (still in the movie’s Claymation style and with all private areas covered, of course).

Violent Content

A group of sheep are repeatedly told that shooting one another from cannons, playing with fire and shooting arrows at one another isn’t very safe.

An elderly man is nearly hit by a car and a dog is nearly run over by an out-of-control tractor. A bull destroys fragile dishes in a china shop.

Crude or Profane Language

A mother sheep covers her baby’s ears as a frustrated dog mumbles something incoherent.

Drug and Alcohol Content


Other Negative Elements

A woman who was made fun of as a young girl for her alien drawings now seeks, at all costs, to prove that aliens exist. Later, she feels shame as she’s laughed at by spectators.

Lu-La drinks a ton of soda and eats lots of candy and, as a result, belches so loudly that the entire earth trembles. Lu-La feels hopeless as she attempts to get back to her family in space.

A woman accidentally electrocutes herself and falls to the ground. A dog sniffs a robot’s rear.


There aren’t many films for children that include little to no words and can still captivate their attention. Enter Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon.

This stop-motion Claymation original is the second in the movie series, Shaun The Sheep Movie being the first. And it’s filled with sweet aliens, heartwarming moments and tons of laughs. Sure, there’s a bit of toilet humor and some silly stunts along the way. But the real story here is one of an unlikely friendship.

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Kristin Smith

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