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Erica is totally over her current situation.

After watching her musical career flounder and ex-fiancé, Jason, slip from her grasp, she’s ready to crawl into a corner, cover her face with a blanket and stock up on red wine. But good friends don’t let those they love wallow for too long. Which is why Erica’s friend, Amber, has just booked her a four-month singing gig on the island of Mauritius, located off the coast of Madagascar.

According to Amber, this trip should be viewed as a fresh start. What better way to get over your problems than to escape to a tropical paradise and sing for fun?

Erica’s not so sure. But it’s not as if she has many other choices. So, she takes the offer. And then she meets a handsome stranger.

But paradise is cut short when she realizes that this handsome new crush, Caleb, is Jason’s brother who is town for–you guessed it–Jason’s wedding. Turns out, not even a move across the oceans can save Erica from this dilemma.

Positive Elements

Amber does her best to help ease Erica’s blues. And Erica shows that she’s a pretty good friend in her own right, putting aside her feelings in order to help one. She and Jason also show emotional maturity by the film’s end. Erica attempts to save a drowning man but is in turn saved.

Caleb, an honest, kind man who makes it clear that he lives by a code of honor, chooses to protect his brother, Jason, and help him make better decisions. Caleb gives a speech about loving, saying that love is a continual, active commitment within marriage.

A former couple apologize to one another for unmet expectations and heartbreak. There’s a lesson learned in being content with the present and at peace with the unknown.

Spiritual Elements

Erica credits her vocal talents to God while Caleb thanks God for a beautiful sunset.

Sexual Content

Caleb tells Erica that while he’s had some flings, he’s never been in love. Jason falsely assumes that Caleb and Erica sleep together. Women wear bikinis at the beach, and men go shirtless. A few women sport some revealing outfits. Couples kiss.

Violent Content

A music artist breaks his computer in a fit of rage.

Crude or Profane Language

God and Jesus’ names are misused once each. The phase “oh my God” is heard a handful of times. The s-word is uttered once as is the word “d–n.” Jason’s mother calls Erica a “hussy” and she calls Beverley a “siren.”

Drug and Alcohol Content

People take shots of hard liquor and consume beer, wine and champagne. A man mentions smoking cigars.

Other Negative Elements

Jason, Erica and a few others lie to Jason’s fiancé, Beverley. Jason is rude to his brother, Caleb, and often lets his insecurities get the best of him.


Resort to Love is Netflix’s latest TV-14 romantic comedy, featuring the famous singer Christina Milian.

This light-hearted, Hallmark-esque flick is everything you’d expect it to be. There’s some light language that gives this movie its rating, along with some mild sexual content.

And while these are elements you should be aware of,  this is a mostly harmless film featuring a woman trying to figure out how to work through heartbreak and learn that life’s disappointments have the potential to lead to positive change.

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