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David Spade (showing a softer side than we've ever seen from this barb-tongued comedian) plays Dylan, a restaurant owner who bounces from one sexual relationship to another searching for the girl of his dreams. When he bumps into his gorgeous neighbor, an aspiring cellist named Lila, he will do anything to spend time with her and win her heart—even if that means kidnapping her beloved pooch so that he can play the hero by "finding" it for her. But while locked away in Dylan's apartment, the dog is involved with the disappearance of a diamond ring entrusted to Dylan by his best friend and business partner. Therefore, until the ring is recovered, Dylan must keep the deception a secret and find ways to hide the animal from Lila and her cheating, lying, interfering ex-fiancée, René, who is trying to reinsert himself into Lila's life.

Positive Elements: Dylan makes kind comments to the customers in his restaurant, expresses concern for his employees and rescues a neighbor's cat. Bemoaning René's past indiscretions and deception, Lila tells Dylan, "Without honesty, you have nothing." After Lila learns of Dylan's underhanded plot he admits, "I did a bad thing. I was wrong." The movie praises persistence and planning to make dreams a reality, suggesting that failure often comes from a fear of trying.

Spiritual Content: None

Sexual Content: Quite a bit, though not explicit. There are crude (sometimes subtle) references to sexual intercourse, masturbation, erections and homosexuality. Dylan's opening breakup with his stripper girlfriend indicates that the two have had sex. It's obvious that he wants a sexual relationship with Lila as well. René caresses Lila, working his hand into her blouse and touching her breast before she stops him. Dylan jokingly asks Lila to show him her "boobs" (a line she calls out to him later in the film). Dylan pages through the Victoria's Secret catalog, ogling underwear models. A bank loan officer brags of being anatomically equipped and ready to go. While watching Lassie with Lila's dog, Dylan examines the Collie's hindquarters and comments, "She definitely puts the a-- in Lassie." Lila relates a crass expression about how cellists reportedly "do it." There is also rear male and female nudity.

Violent Content: Very little. A woman is thrown onto a table which collapses under her weight. Lila's small dog gets hurled into a room, tossed from a car's front seat into the back after hitting a speed bump, and tumbled in a clothes dryer (a scene we pray doesn't inspire young viewers to fluff up their own pets).

Crude or Profane Language: Several s-words are compounded by inappropriate references to God, as well as slang for excrement, testicles and sexual behavior. A group of older women spew inappropriate language. Dylan calls women b--ches on two occasions.

Drug and Alcohol Content: Alcohol is consumed at an upscale party. Women playing cards drink Heineken.

Other Negative Elements: Assuming that the dog ate the missing ring, Dylan follows it around waiting for it to defecate. Confusion finds him gathering a huge bag of dog droppings and sifting through it by hand with a coworker (who wipes some on his face). One-liners regarding the space shuttle Challenger disaster and the murder of Tejano singer Selena are of questionable taste. Ladies spend all day playing poker, inviting young men to join them for impromptu "strip-poker" games. Gambling also creeps in when Dylan loses $5 playing basketball with a rude little girl on a playground.

Summary: Once known as the short, skinny sidekick of obese comedian Chris Farley (on TV's Saturday Night Live and in the films Tommy Boy and Black Sheep), David Spade hasn't been on the big screen since Farley's untimely death in 1998. He's back in a romantic comedy that spends too much time dressing up its thin, familiar plot with colorful language and sexual humor. Here, Spade seems determined to reinvent himself by playing a somewhat kinder, gentler character than his fans are used to (the comedian's acerbic shtick and bitter put-downs have passed their prime). Now if only he would choose material that employs wit without relying on trashy jokes. Looking for family fare? Don't rummage through Lost & Found.

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David Spade as Dylan; Sophie Marceau as Lila; Patrick Bruel as René; Artie Lange as Wally; Cameos by Martin Sheen, Jon Lovitz, Rose Marie, Estelle Harris and Marla Gibbs


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We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well.

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