Joseph: King of Dreams

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Bob Smithouser

Movie Review

What’s It About: The production team behind The Prince of Egypt retells the biblical story of Joseph as chronicled in the book of Genesis (chapters 37 and 39-46).

Who’s It For: All ages, though very young children may be unsettled by intense dream sequences and abusive behavior.

The Message: Persevering through dark times can yield great rewards. God’s role in Joseph’s comeback is clear, reinforced by “You Know Better Than I,” a song addressing His loving omniscience. Also, when Pharaoh alludes to the young man’s ability to interpret dreams, Joseph redirects the praise (“Not me, your excellency; my explanation comes from God”). An upbeat musical number deals with making the most of bad situations (“You’ve got to pick whatever grows at your feet …”). The 75-minute video puts a premium on faith, forgiveness, honor and family unity.

Does It Deliver: This reasonable treatment of biblical history blends hand-drawn and computer animation that, while not as eye-popping as Prince of Egypt, is impressive for a direct-to-video title. Artfully executed dream sequences. Uplifting songs. It also takes fewer liberties than Prince of Egypt did—a great way to supplement family Bible study.

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Bob Smithouser