Fear Street Part Three: 1666

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The little town of Shadyside, Ohio, has not known peace for centuries. And while the residents there aren’t quite sure what they’ve done to have their hometown labeled the Killer Capital, Deena believes it’s because of an age-old curse brought on by an ancient witch named Sarah Fier.

But she’ll have to travel back in time to 1666 to prove it.

When she does, mysteriously taking on the body of Sarah Fier, she finds herself in a world where Puritan beliefs and superstitions rule. But that doesn’t bother everyone, especially Sarah and her friends.

One night, they venture out to the woods to find a widow and professed witch to gather potent berries for a heathen party. But when they arrive, Sarah finds a strange book, filled with incantations and the name of Satan himself. Spooked, she and her friends leave for their party.

But a night of merriment quickly turns into a town-wide horror when someone sees Sarah and her lover, Hannah, entangled in a passionate embrace. One word is all it takes for the girls to be condemned as witches and blamed for the increasing demonic activity within the village.

But Sarah knows something else is afoot. After all, she did not summon Satan, and the devil isn’t summoned by chance. It must have been deliberate. As the village threatens to hang her, Sarah races against the clock to find the true culprit. But she’ll have to work quickly if she’s to uncover a deep, growing evil both in 1666 and in the present in Shadyside.

Positive Elements

Sarah/Deena is very protective of her brother and those she loves. This is also true of her brother and her friends.

Spiritual Elements

A group of teen girls decides to visit a known widow and witch, deep in the woods. While on their way, they speculate the widow consumed “the blood of virgins,” “laid with a demon” and sacrificed her husband to become “the devil’s bride.”

Once there, Sarah finds an evil book full of evil incantations and curses. This same book is used by many people to summon Satan in his various names, as well as other demons. The witch tells Sarah that if she’s not careful, the devil will “bore into your skin and consume you from the inside out.”

A man tells Sarah that he sees “the darkness” inside of her. Someone witnesses Sarah and Hannah kissing and tells the town that they are witches, filled with evil. He also tells them that their town is possessed because of the girls’ wickedness.

Sarah tells Hannah that she does not “fear the devil,” but she does fear the people that surround them that would falsely accuse them and threaten to murder them without substantiated evidence.

Sarah vows to haunt a known killer and his generational line after he falsely accuses her and has her hanged. Sarah cuts her hands and pours the blood into a bucket.

A man calls on the devil to possess people and commands them to kill residents of Shadyside. Multiple animals are sacrificed. A dead dog is found in a well. People paint their doors with blood in the hope that they will be able to avoid possession and death—a scene darkly reminiscent of the Passover. Hannah searches through the Old Testament to see if there is Scripture to help her possessed father.

Sarah helps a pig give birth and is covered in blood afterward. Later, the pig is possessed and eats all its young; Sarah kills the pig as a result. A man tells Sarah to confess her sins or “burn in eternal hell.”

Sexual Content

Sarah and Hannah make out and fondle one another. Sarah lifts Hannah’s dress and engages in sexual activity. A group of teenage girls joke about a friend who has a venereal disease. Teens make out. Two girls kiss multiple times. Sarah’s brother tells her that she smells like an “androgynous baby.”

Violent Content

Men and women alike are butchered in horrific ways. Some are put through meat grinders; others are murdered by an axe to the head, a gunshot to the skull, a knife to the throat or a machete to the back. However they’re killed, blood splatters and gushes in all directions. And not just a small amount of blood, but more blood than you can imagine or ever want to see.

Someone walks into the church and finds the pastor, possessed, with his eyes gouged out. He also finds more than 10 children, murdered, with their eyes gouged out and lying on the floor in a pile.

A man assaults Hannah, grabbing her breasts and yelling in anger when he’s denied. Sarah punches him for his violent advance. Later, this same man rips Hannah’s top and pulls up her dress. It’s insinuated that he rapes her, although we don’t see it.

Hannah’s mother slaps her across the face. A teen finds dead, bloodied bodies scattered on the ground. A man cuts off Sarah’s hand after she stabs him in the stomach. A massive, bloodied blob lies on the floor, and zombies climb out of it. Zombies maul one another to death.

Crude or Profane Language

God’s name is misused a few times. The f-word is heard more than 10 times and the s-word about five times.

Other profanity includes “dumba–,” “b–tard,” “b–ch,” “son of a b–ch,” “d–n,” “a–,” “d–k,” “h—.” Teen girls are called “whores” and “witches” multiple times.

Drug and Alcohol Content

A group of teens drink alcoholic beverages and consume berries with drug-like side effects. A man smokes.

Other Negative Elements

Sarah is falsely accused of being a witch. A man uses his power to manipulate and take advantage of many people.


Fear Street Part Three: 1666, based on author R.L. Stine’s books series, is the final installment in Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy. And while the books were aimed at kids, this movie is anything but kid friendly.

This final flick caps off a bloody beginning with even more gore. People brutally lose body parts, children are murdered en mass and animals are killed and sacrificed. Language is TV-MA worthy; sexual activity between heterosexual and homosexual couples is present—as is a rape.

And perhaps the most disturbing element here is the demonic activity that seeps into nearly every minute of this unnecessarily long movie that’s not only not family friendly, but not friendly toward any potential viewer.

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