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Alecia Beth Moore, known to the world as Pink, is an award-winning performer whom people have come to love for her authenticity and vulnerability. And fans are sure to see that side of her in this up-close-and-personal documentary, All I Know So Far.  

This Amazon Prime original features Pink and her entire family: husband Carey Hart, daughter Willow Sage Hart, son Jameson Moon Hart. And it features those who have been with her for more a decade as she travels the world for her 2019 Beautiful Trauma tour.

This honest film focuses on Pink as a human over a celebrity and as a mother, wife and performer.

Positive Elements

If you walk away learning anything from this film, you learn that Pink loves her children and is dedicated to being a good mother, especially as her parents’ divorce deeply affected her as a child. She takes her kids on tour with her, going above and beyond to care for them, all while working around the clock. Some musicians leave their children at home when they go on tour, we hear. But Pink makes it clear she believes it’s not worth touring if her family can’t be together, making memories.

Pink intentionally sets time aside to talk to her children about how they feel and what they need while on the road. She also shares that she writes them each a letter on big occasions in order to give them to her children in the future.

Another thing you might learn is that Pink has fears and struggles, just like the rest of us. One of her fears is that her children will one day realize her mortality and humanity. She fears that the pedestal they place her on as children will one day crash to the ground. And one of her struggles is wrestling with guilt: trying to be a great, attentive mother all while working like crazy.

Pink spends some time thanking her husband for all of his support. She talks about how he’s an incredible father who loves his children and emphasizes all the work they’ve put into their relationship to make it last.

Pink thanks her parents for supporting her singing career and her passions as a child. She attributes her success to their sacrifices. She opens up about a time when she was in fifth grade where no one came to her birthday party. She was devastated but said her mother turned the whole day around, turning it into a dance party and making her feel so loved.

Pink is determined and is always up for a challenge. When she gets injured or has a potential setback, she doesn’t let it stop her. And when people say something isn’t possible, she works to prove them wrong.

Finally, Pink has travelled all over the world with many of the same people for more than a decade, and this speaks to her desire to create an extended “family” while travelling. And this extends to her fans, as many of them write to her, thanking her for being fully herself as it has helped them be their authentic selves.

Spiritual Elements

A woman burns incense over Pink and the stage in preparation for her concert. Pink and her crew pray, to no one in particular, before her concert, saying “bless us with safety, love and light.”

Pink tells her kids to sit down because they need “some Zen.” Pink says that she and Willow are connected on a spiritual level, calling Willow her “soul child.”

Sexual Content

Pink reads aloud a letter from a fan who attributes her “coming out” to Pink. She thanks Pink for helping her to feel brave, specifically whilst attending a concert where there were “many lesbians.”

At a concert, Pink says that she doesn’t want there to be “gay marriage,” but “happy, lasting marriage.” Elsewhere she specifies that gender in marriage is irrelevant, but commitment and love are most important.

Pink and Carey kiss. A few men go shirtless. Backup dancers, and Pink, sport crop tops, leotards and a few other suggestive outfits. Similarly, suggestive lyrics hint at Pink’s sex life.

Violent Content

A fan writes to Pink, thanking her for her music, which helped her to move past dark thoughts of suicide. She says she thought of jumping off a bridge and hanging herself numerous times, but she chose not to when she remembered how Pink herself had moved past so many dark moments.

Crude or Profane Language

God’s name is misused once. The f-word is heard about 10 times and the s-word nearly the same number. Other profanity includes one or two uses each of “d–n” and “a–.”

Pink makes a crude hand gesture mid-song, directed toward “the devil.”

Drug and Alcohol Content

Pink and her staff drink champagne and wine.

Other Negative Elements



All I Know So Far is Amazon Prime’s look into Pink’s life, courtesy of the same man who directed The Greatest Showman, Michael Gracey.

Viewers will catch a glimpse of who Pink really is, behind all the lights and performances. That glimpse includes sweet moments between Pink and her family, as well as personal stories about the memories and occurrences that shaped her.

Honestly, it was encouraging to see a celebrity and mother be so intentional about her work, while still striving mightily to put her family’s needs first.

Still, while parents will be able to appreciate those moments, it’s less likely that they’ll appreciate the profanity and the sexual messages that are littered throughout.

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