The Plugged In Show, Episode 81: Emotional Intelligence Goes to Hollywood

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We’re all familiar with Hollywood romances: Boy meets girl, boy and girl hate each other, boy won’t leave girl alone, girl decides she likes boy, boy and girl overlook obvious signs of dysfunction in each other and in their relationship, boy and girl fall in love.

Well, not all Hollywood romances are like that. But if we look closely, we do find plenty of love stories that, while they move us on screen, would be seriously problematic in real life.

Our intrepid Plugged In team dives into how Hollywood depicts romance and relationships and susses out what it gets right—and what it gets wrong. Our panelists encourage us to approach romcoms with not just our hearts wide open, but our brains engaged—thinking critically about not just what the movie tells us about love, but what God says, too.

And check out everything we talk about in the show below.

  • Questions to Engage Your Child: How did that make you feel? Which character did you relate most to and why?