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On the Radar: Temu, ‘Deinfluencing’ and Lemon8

Temu Concerns … Especially for Teens

What? Temu is a new(ish) shopping app that promises buyers they can “shop like a billionaire.” Users can potentially save up to 80% on purchases, ads declare. And they can also earn spending credits by convincing their friends to join, too.

So What? The app has grown in popularity largely thanks to social media. It’s currently the fifth-most-downloaded app in the Apple store and eighth in the Google store. And Temu is currently running a “free money” promotion that allows the company to access to a ton of personal information.

Now What? I’ll be frank, anytime we use social media or put any personal information online, we’re taking a risk. However, parents should be particularly cognizant of the Temu app’s “fine print” details for users. Specifically, participation “constitutes a Member’s consent for Sponsor to use and publish such Member’s photo, name, likeness, voice, opinions, statements, biographical information, and/or hometown and state for promotional or advertising purposes in any media worldwide, now known or hereafter developed, in perpetuity without further review, notification, payment, or consideration.” In other words, you’re giving the company carte blanche access to every aspect of your data—or your kids’, who may not be paying close attention to what they’ve actually agreed to.

“Deinfluencing” May Help with Overconsumption

What? Deinfluencing is an emerging social media trend that discourages consumers from buying certain products that the deinfluencer has found to be indulgent, ineffective or not worth the money,” writes Jasmine Browley for Essence.

So What? About 72% of Gen Z say they follow influencers on social media. And four in 10 have admitted to purchasing something directly because of that influence. So deinfluencing may help them to develop wiser spending habits in the future.

Now What? Setting your child up for financial success is pretty much a universal parenting goal. And while you may not have 50,000 followers on Instagram, you can still heavily influence how your kids manage their money. Make sure they know that most influencers have been paid to advertise a product or service (or have been given that product for free as an incentive to promote it on their channel).

What’s Lemon8 Again?

What? Lemon8, as we noted in our ‘Tech Trends’ in April 2023, is an app that “caters to a Gen Z audience and ‘features a mix of TikTok-like videos and Instagram-like photos.’ Like TikTok, each user’s individual feed is based on their habits and who they follow.”

So What? With a potential TikTok ban still looming, TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is trying to promote Lemon8 (which it also owns), and is even paying influencers to suggest the app via TikTok.

Now What? Parents should always exercise caution before letting their children download any social media app. And in this case, considering the questionable methods being used to promote Lemon8 to potentially bypass the pending Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications, parents might want to rethink the costs before giving the OK for Lemon8.

Emily Tsiao

Emily studied film and writing when she was in college. And when she isn’t being way too competitive while playing board games, she enjoys food, sleep, and geeking out with her husband indulging in their “nerdoms,” which is the collective fan cultures of everything they love, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and Lord of the Rings.

3 Responses

  1. What role do influencers play in influencing consumer purchases, and how can parents mitigate its impact on their children’s spending habits?

    1. I still remember when YouTubers drove the price and demand for Pokémon cards through the roof (this made me livid partly because I used to co-host an all-ages hobby gathering).