And They’ll Know We Are Christians by … What?

LSUFYFmovieposter.JPGI watched a provocative new Christian documentary the other day–Dan Merchant’s Lord Save Us From Your Followers. Clearly, with a title like that, you know this isn’t going to be your standard Fireproof-style Christian flick. No, this is a doc done in the same Michael Moorish vein as Ben Stein’s Expelled and Bill Maher’s Religulous, and it takes aim at — well, us: How we Christians (in Dan’s view) sometimes muddle the Gospel and turn it into some sort of Frankensteinish (his imagery, not mine) creature.

“If we’re delivering a message that the people of America don’t want to hear, so be it,” says former Senator Rick Santorum in the film. “As long as we’re not delivering it in a way that they won’t listen in the first place.”

Lord Save Us is opening in about 10 cities Sept. 25 and a handful of others thereafter, so you’ll get your official Plugged In review around then. We have an interview with Merchant, too.