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Bob Waliszewski

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“Let’s Make a Baby King” reverently refers to Jesus as the answer to the world’s problems (“We need a Lord to guide us, to teach us wrong and right. And we need a lamb to lead us into the land of light”). “Rock Bottom” makes the hope-filled observation that “a dead-end street is just a place to turn around.” With sweet reflection reminiscent of her Judds hit, “Grandpa,” Wynonna revisits the home of her youth where “Cokes were just a nickel” (“I Just Drove By”). “Father Sun” decries empty, iconic religiosity and pleads for forgiveness and salvation from the One who “will be coming back.”

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Whether singing about spiritual truth, girls and guitars, Elvis’ Cadillac or lamenting over love lost, Wynonna injects plenty of energy into her second solo effort. A lyrically solid collection.

Bob Waliszewski
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