Vitamin C


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Smile” tells fans to “be polite” and “make the world a better place” with love. Vitamin C promises not to use a guy for his money or lead him on, and expects equal respect (“Not That Kind of Girl”). Similarly, “Do What You Want to Do” tells a boy to be himself, and supplies a list of things he doesn’t have to do to impress her. Another track reassures the cap-and-gown crowd that “Graduation” may separate friends with distance, but not in spirit. “Girls Against Boys” imagines a more peaceful world.

Objectionable Content

“rying to get over a breakup, the singer turns to alcohol on “Unhappy Anniversary” (“I drink up and think up a toast to numb the hours”). She makes a sexual proposition and calls a man a “b–ch” (“Fear of Flying”), while “About Last Night” reflects fondly on a night of risky, aggressive sex, stating, “I really couldn’t care if it was wrong or right . . . Sometimes you gotta let yourself go/Was it good for you? . . . See, about last night, I want to do it again.”

Summary Advisory

Colleen Fitzpatrick sang with Eve’s Plum before going solo and taking the name Vitamin C. Her playfully eclectic pop has a positive core, but a few tracks ruin this effort, first and foremost the unblushingly immoral “About Last Night.” A terrible example for young fans.

Bob Waliszewski
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