Dr. Dolittle


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Changing Faces prompts selfless acts of kindness on “Do Little Things.” A woman expresses love to her man on the Jody Watley contribution, “Lovin’ You So.”

Objectionable Content

Ray J. decides that chronic dishonesty is required to keep his girl (“That’s Why I Lie”). Numerous songs peddle casual sex, occasionally adding alcohol to the mix. Timbaland plans to get a woman drunk and take advantage of her with videotape rolling (“Da Funk”). “In Your World” is an extended sexual invitation by Twista &The Speed Knot Mobsters. Explicit come-ons fly between Shaunta and Montell Jordan on “Let’s Ride”(“Tell me what it’s like to be inside . . . throw your legs up in the air”). On “Your Dress,” Playa reunites with an old girlfriend strictly for bedroom hijinks. All Saints’ “Lady Marmalade” and 69 Boyz’ “Woof Woof” are equally obsessed with erotica.

Summary Advisory

Dr. Dolittle-the recent PG-13 movie and its salacious soundtrack-shamelessly strip-mine the reputation of Disney’s classic 1967 film about a physician who could talk with animals. On this disc, animals do talk, and sing, and rap. A variety of rutting artists make Dr. Dolittle guilty of sexual malpractice.

Bob Waliszewski
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