Too Long in Exile


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

“Till We Get the Healing Done” acknowledges that life is guided by divine purpose. It speaks of sowing, reaping, giving thanks and spending eternity with God. The artist repents of past mistakes and rejects foolish living on “Wasted Years.” Elsewhere, he says to “look up and see your maker before Gabriel blows his horn.” “Ball and Chain” expresses romantic love and commitment.

Objectionable Content

On one cut, self-control is deemed impossible due to the sway of a female. Van joins John Lee Hooker to reprise the ’60s hit about an insatiable woman named “Gloria.” Also, although it attempts to convey spiritual truth, the album’s theology is questionable at times.

Summary Advisory

Soulful, energetic tunes mix godly themes with raging hormones, resulting in tainted truth. Exile this disc; teens can do better.

Bob Waliszewski
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