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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

“Anything” and “Deep Inside of You” express the singer’s affection for a special lady. On “Never Let You Go,” he ponders cutting loose a girlfriend who is, among other things, “sneaky and smoked out.”

Objectionable Content

A hurting woman is urged to drown her pain in alcohol on “Wounded,” which also contains several vulgarities. The f-word mars “Darwin,” a peculiar riff on evolution. Profanities and a crass sexual reference invade “Farther.” After crying out to God in desweration, a man concludes that there is no hope (“Darkness”). While not boldly pro-abortion, “10 Days Late” finds an unmarried couple facing a pregnancy and considering their options. Frontman Stephen Jenkins refers to himself as a “star-crossed pimp” (“An Ode to Maybe”) and “sex-crazed” (“1000 Julys”). The latter is fairly explicit in its descriptions of intercourse by a man who fancies himself an animalistic vampire and toasts the blood of his enemies.

Summary Advisory

Catchy guitar licks and muted punk stylings give Third Eye Blind’s Blue a mainstream flavor that occasionally teeters on the brink of pop. Great sound. If only this four-man band had avoided themes and language sure to alienate discerning families. Young fans of melodies like “Never Let You Go” and “An Ode to Maybe” would be better off sampling CCM’s All Star United instead.

Bob Waliszewski
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