Dogg Food


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

On “Reality,” the artist pledges that, no matter how tough life gets, he won’t pursue the cowardly cop-out of suicide.

Objectionable Content

Violent threats on “Dogg Pound Gangstaz” (“I came to violate you, desecrate you”) and “Ridin’, Slippin’, Slidin'” (“I’m in the mood for murder”) are just the tip of the iceberg. Six tracks glorify drugs and alcohol-from gin and cognac, to marijuana and cocaine. Extreme sexual perversion features lewd descriptions of oral sex (“Let’s Play House,” “If We All F—“) anal sex (“Respect”), casual sex with multiple partners (“Some Bomb Azz P***y,” “New York, New York,” “One By One,” “If We All F—,” etc.) and gay intercourse (“Dogg Pound Gangstaz,” “Smooth”). This rap duo suggests that promiscuous women “might as well get paid” by becoming prostitutes (“Big Pimpin 2”). They bark obscenities throughout.

Summary Advisory

A line from “A Doggz Day Afternoon” sums up this disc when it says, “I got a sadistic mind, I find I’m mentally sick.” Avoid this mangy pair’s misogynistic drool.

Bob Waliszewski
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