Until I Found You


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Once again, Ewing specializes in jubilant celebrations of romantic love (“All That Matters to Me,” “The Answer to My Prayer,” “Until I Found You”). “Make Time” recognizes the frenzied pace of life that must be overcome to achieve a solid marriage. The bouncy “Mary Go Round” recalls how a couple met at a county fair, courted and grew a family together. A man confusing “the wrong and the right” digs himself a deeper and deeper hole in life, and the artist uses the story as a warning to the rest of us (“The Hole”). Other tracks point out that love takes work (“A Sliver of the Moon,” “I Got a Job to Do”), and imply that it’s well worth the effort.

Objectionable Content

“Some Fools” wallows in the misery of lost love.

Summary Advisory

Until I Found You features breezy country melodies and heartfelt ballads that, with one minor exception, add up to a great disc for young fans of the genre.

Bob Waliszewski
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