Dutty Rock


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A man promises a hurting woman that he won’t add to her pain (“Punkie”).

Objectionable Content

“I’m Still in Love With You” defends the singer’s lust for short-term, purely physical relationships (“I’m a hustler and a player and you know I’m not a stayer … You get the little lovin’ and me gone”). Other tracks get sexually explicit. The artist beds multiple women (“Like Glue”), alludes to sexual acts (“Can You Do the Work,” “Jukin’ Punny,” etc.) and uses tasteless anatomical slang (“International Affair”). The hit “Get Busy” is a sexual proposition where the man tells his pick-up, “Make them see your wedding band.” Several cuts talk of guns and threaten violence. At least nine—including “Ganja Breed”—glamorize marijuana use. On “Gimme the Light (Remix), ”Sean Paul wants to “smoke a pound of di weed” and get so high that “an ugly chick look like Vivica A. Fox.” “Bubble” chases cannabis with ginger wine.

Summary Advisory

Don’t let the smooth Caribbean sound fool you; Dutty Rock has the lyrical soul of a gangsta rap CD. It is preoccupied with sex and pot. Thug violence (courtesy of guests Rahzel and Busta Rhymes) shows up, too. Reggae-loving teens should sample CCM’s Christafari instead.

Bob Waliszewski
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