Human Being


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Some pretty obscure themes, but “Lost My Faith” and “Just Like You Said “seem committed to reconciling relationships. “Colour “depicts life as a painting that has its brighter and paler moments. Songs examine what it’s like to be bitten by the love bug (“Let’s Fall in Love”) and the singer’s feelings after initiating a breakup (“No Easy Way”). He admits to making mistakes and shoulders the consequences on “When a Man Is Wrong. “Conscious of our mortality, “Human Being” desires peace, love and a healthy self-image.

Objectionable Content

Lyrically, none. In the liner notes, though, Seal reprints e-mails he has sent and received which contain sexual slang, obscenities and talk of a NewAge guru.

Summary Advisory

Many of Seal’s rhythmic ponderings contain lines expressing concern for our tenuous social fabric. Positive thought fragments and morality nuggets. Lose the troublesome liner notes and you’ve got a hit.

Bob Waliszewski
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