The Saga Continues


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Bob Waliszewski

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For all sorts of reasons, this vile disc bears a warning label. Frequent obscenities range from the f-word to raunchy sexual and anatomical slang. The rapper boasts of casual sex with people’s wives and daughters on “Let’s Get It,” and kinky relations with prostitutes on “That’s Crazy” (“Thousand-dollar honeys givin’ me leather”). Other cuts deal with oral sex and videotaping women as they perform lewd acts. P. Diddy brags and taunts, both as a materialistic playboy (“Diddy,” “The Saga Continues”) and a violent street thug. He threatens his enemies with physical assault, romanticizes gunplay and promotes murder with lines such as “Kill who you want to kill, just keep it real” (“The Last Song”). Nine tracks glamorize drugs or alcohol in the form of Thunder, Hennessy, marijuana, cognac and cocaine.

Summary Advisory

A man can change his name, but his true character will always bleed through. Formerly known as Sean “Puffy” Combs (aka Puff Daddy), this rapper was acquitted in March of gun possession and bribery charges stemming from a nightclub shootout that injured three people. After the trial, he told reporters, “I’m going to be taking some time off to make sure I evaluate everything and get my priorities straight . . . my family, my children, my faith in God.” And, evidently, putting the finishing touches on this heinous disc. Once again, the lyrics speak loudest.

Bob Waliszewski
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