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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Overstreet celebrates lifelong marital commitment, referring to his wife as his best friend (“We’ve Got to Keep on Meeting Like This”), keeping conjugal conflicts in perspective (“Even When It Don’t Feel Like It”) and alluding to the pleasure of lovemaking in the proper context (“Let’s Go to Bed Early”). Worldly romance loses its luster compared to one woman’s willingness to wait for her “One in a Million” man. An aspiring groom explains his plans to propose to his girlfriend on “I’m Gonna Ring Her.” “Mr. Miller” is Overstreet’s posthumous tribute to the father of his bride. A dad’s time is prized above riches on “You Gave Me Time.” “My Rock” enthusiastically calls listeners to find salvation in the Lord.

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Fun, wholesome and substantive. The wisdom contained in Time is as relevent, eternal and warmly communicated as life lessons passed down from generation to generation on a country porch (lemonade not included). An outstanding release.

Bob Waliszewski
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