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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

There’s an awful lot to like here. Songs such as “I Just Wanna Be with You,” “I Need Love,” “You Got It” and “Crazy for You” innocently long for love and affection. Lyrics on “God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You” acknowledge a heavenly Creator amid a string of sweet nothings. Realizing that a wealthy girl still needs a sincere, loving guy, “For the Girl Who Has Everything” pledges romantic devotion. The desire to reunite with a special someone is central to “Giddy Up,” “I Want You Back” and a remake of the 1972 Bread hit “Everything I Own” (‘N Sync’s cover of the placid Christopher Cross chart-topper, “Sailing,” may also provide musical common ground for parents and teens).

Objectionable Content

Minor. “I Drive Myself Crazy” subtly alludes to people having slept together. The guys use expressions like “girl give in to me,” “ride it” and “I wanna rock with you,” but not in sexual contexts.

Summary Advisory

The group’s lightweight messages focus on the warm, fuzzy side of love. Bouncy pop melodies and five-part harmonies lift them airborne–really upbeat. Let’s hope these popular young men don’t tire of their wholesome image. With very few exceptions, a positive pick.

Bob Waliszewski
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