Whoa, Nelly!


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Furtado reminds fans that they reap what they sow and seems aware that a fair-weather faith in God won’t satisfy (“Well, Well”). Among her apologies to a former love, she confesses, “I’m sorry that I made myself feel better by making you feel never good enough” (“Scared of You”). “My Love Grows Deeper Part 1” expresses romantic commitment and affection.

Objectionable Content

Recurring s-words undermine “Hey, Man!” and “S— on the Radio (Remember the Days).” The f-word slays “I Will Make You Cry.” Subtle sexual references appear on “Turn Off the Light” and the self-centered love song “Baby Girl.” Conflicted, Furtado fruitlessly tries to clean her “dirty mind” (“Party”).

Summary Advisory

One member of the Associated Press called this 22-year-old Canadian her industry’s current it girl. She certainly is talented, blending elements of pop, R&B and even Latin music with vocals that run from playful to sultry. It’s a shame that, fresh out of the gate, generally positive themes become a vehicle for PG-13 language on Whoa Nelly. We can only hope for a stronger finish next time, assuming Furtado reins back the profanity.

Bob Waliszewski
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