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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Similar to the 1982 Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson duet “The Girl Is Mine,” Monica and Brandy try to convince each other that they’re the object of a guy’s affection on “The Boy Is Mine.” Such lightweight pining also characterizes “Inside,” “Angel of Mine,” “Keep It to Myself,” “Misty Blue” and a remake of the Richard Marx ballad “Right Here Waiting.” Monica longs to rescue a former boyfriend from a “life of doing the wrong things” on the streets (“Street Symphony”). She’s willing to meet someone’s needs at any cost on “For You I Will.”

Objectionable Content

When the singer learns that her lover got another woman pregnant, her biggest gripe is that he didn’t wear a condom (“Ring Da Bell”). Disturbing rappers (Outkast) lend their voices to the love-hate anthem “Gone Be Fine.” At first glance, “First Night” seems to set sexual boundaries by saying, “If I [make a move] it won’t be right/ I don’t get down on the first night,” but suggests that teens having sex on the second or third date would be okay.

Summary Advisory

A talented vocalist, this teenage diva stumbles when it comes to choosing her material. Some songs are harmless fun. However, several cuts communicate flawed sexual morals to her legion of young fans. That inconsistency undermines the smooth sweetness of The Boy Is Mine.

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Bob Waliszewski
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