MP Da Last Don


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Very little. “Black and White” lobbies for racial equality, and “War Wounds” includes the line, “I love my Mama.”

Objectionable Content

At least ten tracks glamorize violence with statements such as, “I’m up all night gettin’ in gun fights,” “F— the law, keep packin’ that steel,” “Leave my enemies on the concrete” and “I slapped the b–ch up like we was on Jerry Springer.” Obscene sexual bragging on “Hot Boys and Girls” refers to women as “hos.” Master P claims to be walking with the devil on “More 2 Life,” seeking a spiritual complement to “b–ches, weed and Mercedes.” Seven cuts promote using, manufacturing and selling drugs, most often in the form of marijuana and crack cocaine.

Summary Advisory

On “Eternity,” Master P refers to himself as “America’s nightmare.” Indeed. This release just missed going gold in one week (495,000 sold), indicating a sick demand for such trash. In addition to serving as CEO of the No Limit label, P also appears in the R-rated film I Got the Hook Up!, produced by Disney. Teens should avoid him.

Bob Waliszewski
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