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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

One line on the hit single “Feel So Good” asks feuding rappers to “bury the hate.”

Objectionable Content

. . . But other tracks continue to glamorize gangstas burying each other (“Will They Die 4 You,” “The Player Way” and “Take What’s Yours” which says, “A lot of blood gonna be spilled/We ain’t discriminatin’/ Even thugs gonna be killed”). This disc is also extremely misogynistic. On “Lookin’ at Me,” a married man secretly solicits group sex in a hotel room, requesting, “Please no hickies ’cause my wifey’s with me.” Corrupt slang with explicit descriptions of sexual acts scar at least seven cuts. Other problems include obscenities, references to smoking marijuana, and a fantasy about killing city officials in a suicide bombing.

Summary Advisory

There’s nothing artistic about obnoxious bragging, anonymous sex, murderous gunplay or being able to rhyme things with the f-word. Keep teens out of Mase’s World!

Bob Waliszewski
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