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Hurt No More


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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Winans expresses love for his lady on “So Fine” and “I Got You Babe.” He urges listeners to persevere amid trials (“How I Made It”). One of the CD’s many heartache songs finds a guy asking for forgiveness (“Can’t Judge Me”).

Objectionable Content

Language ranges from mild profanities and racial slang to Foxy Brown’s f-words (on “Pretty Girl Bulls—”), which no doubt earned the disc its warning label. Another guest artist refers to cohabitation and uses drug metaphors on “This Is the Thanks I Get.” Referring to his mistress, a repentant philanderer describes being “under her shirt, lifting her skirt” (“Should’ve Known”). “Pretty Girl Bulls—” contains crude references to promiscuous sex, and relies on the expressions “b–ch” and “ho.” “I Don’t Wanna Know” rails against an unfaithful lover, asking what sexual favors she performed for the other guy (“Did you watch him fall asleep/Did you show him all those things that you used to do to me”).

Summary Advisory

When Christians hear the name of Winans, they naturally think of edifying gospel à la BeBe, CeCe, Angie or Debbie. Meet Mario, the family member who has produced records for CCM as well as artists on P. Diddy’s Bad Boy label. With this smooth R&B project he treads into sensual territory and moans “ooh baby” a lot. The worst moments may come from Foxy Brown, but who invited her to the party? Say it ain’t so, Mario.

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Bob Smithouser
Loren Eaton