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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

The artists want to fix rocky romances on “Where Did I Go Wrong?,” “Drove Me to Tears” and “My Side of the Bed” (though the latter lacks marital context). “Love Hurts” pledges devotion to a woman stung by the unfaithfulness of another man.

Objectionable Content

Steamy sexuality motivates most of the songs on this salacious collaboration (“Door #1,” “Round & Round,” “Curious,” etc.). Two tracks get pretty explicit. “Let a Playa Get His Freak On” croons, “I’ll make you hot like a wet dream . . . I’ll lick you from head to toe . . . make you scream.” On the million-selling number-1 R&B hit “My Body,” the singer asks a girl, “Would you like it if I was to sex you down? . . . Wanna fill you up till your river flows all over me.” Sex, sex and more sex.

Summary Advisory

Individually, Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill have carved out successful R&B careers. With the creation of Levert.Sweat.Gill, they’ve teamed up for a sensual, velvet-tongued project that deserves its own 1-900 number. Clearly, three sets of hormones are not better than one. Teens should avoid this libidinous trio. [SEE ALSO: New Edition]

Bob Waliszewski
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