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Tom Neven
Bob Smithouser

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Pro-Social Content

“My Way” puts meddling music execs on a short leash (“Don’t tell me how to sing my song [or] what to say”)—a creative moxie that’s commendable if it means more songs like these: “One More Day” challenges fans to look past themselves at a hurting world in need of their help (“Stop wasting your time/Begin your life with others in mind”). A man of humble means can’t offer his girl “Diamonds,” but he notes that love is free. Faith informs “Living My Life” and “Orale.” The former finds the singer rebounding from a rough patch, while the latter sees life as a beautiful adventure with God at one’s side. Other tracks model forgiveness (“Memories”) and prayer (“Home”). A heaven-sent female is cause for celebration on the love song “I Never Met a Woman.”

Objectionable Content

“Oye Mamacita” involves a guy scoping out a pretty girl and shotgunning compliments in her direction with sexual intentions (“I want you, baby, all night long/You know I’d really love to take you home”).

Summary Advisory

The Grammy-winning Garza brothers have carved out a generally positive Tex-Mex niche. And while one bad manzana may not spoil the whole barrel, families giving Los Lonely Boys a spin may want to hit the skip button when they reach “Oye Mamacita.”

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Tom Neven
Bob Smithouser