Lonely Grill


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Expressions of love and devotion inhabit “All the Way,” “Simple As That,” “Everything’s Changed” and “Amazed.” Lead singer Richie McDonald looks forward to going dancing on “Saturday Night.” “Tell Her” reminds listeners to articulate their affection to those they love (“My heart was broke ’cause I never spoke the healing words out loud”). A young man wonders where and how he’ll meet his future bride on “I’ve Gotta Find You.” Instead of lashing out in anger or getting drunk, a spurned partner reacts to his dismissal with dignity and gratitude for the time shared together (“Smile”).

Objectionable Content

Jilted and depressed, the singer talks of drowning his sorrows at a local watering hole–day after day–with a caravan of margaritas (“Lonely Grill”).

Summary Advisory

The last time a country single spent even seven consecutive weeks at number 1 was in 1966–Jack Green with “There Goes My Everything.” So “Amazed” has accomplished no small feat for this four-man Texas band. More impressive still, Lonestar avoids irresponsible themes (with one glaring exception). If teens hit the “skip” button or program the CD player to avoid track 11, it’s a solid pick.

Bob Waliszewski
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