14 Shots to the Dome


Release Date

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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Very little. “Diggy Down” bemoans a troubled society where kids carry guns.

Objectionable Content

. . . But that message is effectively squelched by “Funkadelic Relic,” “Ain’t No Stoppin’ This” (“I carry a 9mm and a stiletto”), and other references to weapon use. “Soul Survivor” threatens censors with grisly violence (“I’ll wake you up with an axe . . . I’ll leave your bullet-riddled body on the curb”), while “How I’m Comin'” advocates further brutality. Graphic sexual references dominate “Back Seat.” Meanwhile, “All We Got Left Is the Beat” is a pessimistic rap diatribe about the current plight of blacks in a world where even God can’t offer hope.

Summary Advisory

Lewd and violent themes, numerous expletives and a generally rotten attitude make LL Cool J an artist to avoid. Columbia Records’ decision not to include a warning label is downright irresponsible.

Bob Waliszewski
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