Throwing Copper


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

Some isolated lines, but they’re all shrouded in lyrical obscurity.

Objectionable Content

No warning sticker, but several f-words and assorted profanities appear. A vague reference to Christ’s death seems to miss its true significance on “Setting the Drama.” Other songs conjure mental pictures that, taken at face value, result in pessimistic images of family (an untitled track), waitresses (“Waitress”) and small towns (“Sh- Towne”). Relational angst and a general sense of hopelessness are woven throughout.

Summary Advisory

Live’s press bio reads, “Taylor’s guitar and Kowalczyk’s [vocals] can subtly guide you into dark, thoughtful places.” Dark is the operative word. Ambiguous, brooding poetry? Profane, miserable nonsense is more like it. Either way, Throwing Copper is an oppressive disc with nothing of value to communicate to teens.

Bob Waliszewski
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