Secret Samadhi


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Bob Waliszewski

Album Review

Pro-Social Content

A few isolated lines that don’t add up to much.

Objectionable Content

The Samadhi of the title is Sanskrit for a divine state achieved through meditation. Eastern mysticism continues to be a preoccupation of this band, which gives a nod to pantheism (“Gas Hed Goes West”) and the worship of a Hindu goddess (“Lakini’s Juice”). On “Ghost,” a boy “can’t help eyein’ up the whores.” The artist dreams of killing people who wronged him (“Heropsychodreamer”), and tells the listener, “Forget your mother and your father; they aren’t important, son” (“Graze”). The f-word appears on “Freaks,” a disturbing song about incest. Several cuts mention drugs or alcohol.

Summary Advisory

The band’s last album, Throwing Copper, sold more than 6 million copies. This one’s equally irksome. Grinding guitars and angry vocals inject these tunes with added bitterness. If per chance your teen already owns this disc, it’s one Secret they should not keep.

Bob Waliszewski
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