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Bob Smithouser
Rhonda Handlon

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Pro-Social Content

“Symptoms of You” and “Very Last Moment in Time” describe love for a special guy. Frustrated with paparazzi and other “prying eyes,” the celeb wants to have a normal dating relationship (“To Know Your Name”). Lohan hopes to rediscover her identity in the midst of others’ expectations on “Anything But Me” (“The girl that I used to be is somewhere buried deep … It’s so hard to live a dream when everything they want you to be is anything but me”).

Objectionable Content

At face value, “Speak” merely demands that a young man share his true feelings, though it could be construed as wanting physical intimacy as well (“It can’t be wrong, it can only be right to show me what you’re feeling … What makes you think that I won’t get your love tonight”). Similarly, “Something I Never Had” longs to have a lover “lying here again.” “Disconnected” uses a mild profanity and wishes to numb heartache (“I just wanna live my life sedated”). Sensual liner pix show cleavage, and a prominent photo in a collage features Lohan extending her middle fingers to the camera.

Summary Advisory

Echoing the teen-queen musical angst of Ashlee Simpson, Lohan straddles the line between bubble-gum idol and vixen. “My next album will be a little edgier,” she told the L.A. Times. If her recent makeover is any indication of where her career is headed, wise families will tune out now.

Bob Smithouser
Rhonda Handlon
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