Beware of Dog


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Bob Waliszewski

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Pro-Social Content

Not one kibble.

Objectionable Content

Lyrics about nightclubbing, womanizing and toting a shotgun are inappropriate coming from any artist, but this kid is 13 years old. His conceit is overwhelming— and violent. He boasts, “I’m a natural born killer” (“You Already Know”) and “That’s the life of the thug/I walkin’ like I talkin’” (“This Playboy”). On another level, he brags about being a “baller” [ladies man] and claims, “Got big girls wanting to teach me about sex” (“The Dog in Me”). The little fella fancies himself a love-’em-and-leave-’em pimp on “You Know Me,” which finds guest rapper Da Brat stating, “If the sex ain’t freaky that ain’t me.” Elsewhere, lines mention women with “somethin’ in the trunk” suggestively shaking their posteriors. On the hit single “Bounce with Me,” the aspiring gangsta says his main goal in life is to “be rich and surrounded by chicks.” Partially bleeped profanities leave little to the imagination.

Summary Advisory

Shad Moss made his stage debut at age six beside Snoop Dogg. After the show, Snoop reportedly dubbed the young rapper Lil’ Bow Wow and hired him to open several tour dates. Whatever happened to “contributing to the delinquency of a minor”? Now Moss is 13 and selling the thug life to his peers. Unconscionable. Beware of Dog merely proves that puppies can be rabid too.

Bob Waliszewski
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