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Bob Waliszewski

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An encounter with someone special—perhaps God—puts a positive “Spin” on the singer’s life and gives it meaning. In fact, many of these tracks are open to spiritual interpretation. On “Wash,” a person coping with hard times encounters a refreshing presence (“You wash over me like rain . . . All I knew was to look to you, my sunshine”). “Anchor” says, “I’ll never be alone/You will never let me go/You are my anchor.” Similar messages of emotional healing and companionship appear on “Sky Is Falling,” “Take Me Away,” “Empty Space” and “Out of Breath.” Lead vocalist Jason Wade—whose parents were missionaries in Hong Kong—wants to live victoriously (“Am I Ever Gonna Find Out”) and faithfully with an eye on a blissful eternity (“The Beginning”).

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Lifehouse has done it again. There are a few more ups and downs on Climbfall (appropriately titled) than on the band’s upbeat, ambiguously spiritual No Name Face, but this encore is artful and reasonably edifying.

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